The use of commercial and consumer radios to collect “locally procured” SIGINT has been a staple of radio duscussion for a few decades with an increased emphasis among survivalist and “patriot” aficionados.

Here’s some direction:

Intelligence answers specific questions.  If your “intelligence” resource cannot answer questions in a timely manner (within some time frame) then it’s not intelligence, it’s information. 

Intelligence provides information about the environment and the environments effects of operations.

SIGINT, or any intelligence resource, has to be taskable, reliable and available to answer specific questions.

Taskable: The resource is developed in such a manner that it can be employed to answer these questions in a certain window of time.  It’s a systems approach.  As an example, the World Wide Web is very taskable through a search engine using your web browser. 

Reliable: The resource is available to answer specific questions, in a certain windows of time (LTIOV),  and the information provided is accurate. Expectation, function and content.

Available: The resource is able to be tasked, when you need it.  If you have a need for intelligence, and that intelligence need expires after an hour or so and the resource takes an hour to set up and debug, then another several hours to find something, it’s not available.  It might as well not be there at all.  It’s not reliable, in terms of availability.

So, unless you can, right now, use your “SIGINT” setup to answer questions about your environment that informs decision making, then either improve that or stop relying on a hypothetical. 

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