Things Noticed On the Way To Work

Northeast Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Group - NESIG

On the way into work yesterday I found myself behind a dump truck. Looking at the vehicle in front of me, I immediately noticed the driver (or his/her electronics tech) had installed on each mirror mount a pair of large 11 Meter (CB) whip antennas known in the heady 1970s as “big mamas.” Back then I didn’t know that the real Big Mama antenna was the Antenna Specialists M-410. We used the name for any large CB antenna. Antenna Specialists was bought out by PCTEL, and doesn’t make the M-410 these days. Their lawyers would probably have a heart attack if they tried to market anything with the name “Big Mama,” yet alone run an ad like the one on the left.

It’s been more than 40 years since Convoy hit the big screen, but people are still installing 11 Meter rigs in their cars and trucks for use while…

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