The Lessons Of January 6th, Part 2: What’s the frequency, Carl?

Originally posted on Sparks31 Signal Corps:
Part 1 of this series is at Remember this picture from five years ago? The blatent COMSEC violations from the 2016 clown funeral in Oregon have been talked about ad nauseum, and one would have thought people learned something from them. Guess again. When half the…

Walpurgisnacht 2021

Soon it will be midnite, in New York. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C, Clarke It’s all just sufficiently advanced technology, quantum physics actually. You have a really powerful quantum computer situated behind your eyeballs and between your ears. Problem being, however, is that the user interface is something along theContinue reading “Walpurgisnacht 2021”


The use of commercial and consumer radios to collect “locally procured” SIGINT has been a staple of radio duscussion for a few decades with an increased emphasis among survivalist and “patriot” aficionados. Here’s some direction: Intelligence answers specific questions.  If your “intelligence” resource cannot answer questions in a timely manner (within some time frame) thenContinue reading “Apply SIGINT or GTFO”

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